Over the years we have completed all types of house extensions for many satisfied and happy customers. If you need extra space and are thinking of extending your home rather than moving call us for a FREE informal consultation. You might opt for a single or 2 story side or rear elevation extension. Perhaps a loft conversion or a garage conversion is better for you.

Whichever, experience matters and we can advise you on which type of house extensions might be suitable for your circumstances. There are a number of things to consider including your requirements, available space, planning & development regulations and of course your budget.

But at Levi Development we know your house is much more than bricks and mortar. Your house is your haven and we understand that choosing to extend your home can be a stressful time. That’s why at Levi Development we devised our 4 Step Plan to help deliver the house extension of your dreams with the least hassle or stress to you.

Kitchen Extensions West London

Kitchen Extensions – For many people their kitchen is, or they would like it to be the heart of their home. But for many the kitchen is a small functional space that is only used for preparing food. In the UK what generally limits the kitchen from fulfilling its potential is size. Extending a small utilitarian space to create a big open plan space where you can relax with family and “wow” your friends is an exciting prospect. Kitchen extensions are popular home improvement projects and if you get it right one that can add significant value to your home as well as giving satisfaction & enjoyment for many years to come.

Where to start?

All property extensions are big investments so before you begin you need to do some serious thinking so that you avoid costly mistakes. Consider how you wish to use the space:

  • Is it a space for entertaining?
  • Is it just more flexible space for the family to enjoy?
  • Perhaps you want to bring inside & outside together with doors opening on to the garden?
  • Do you want a separate utility room?
  • What about seating – will you want a dining table as well as informal seating, a breakfast bar or even sofas?

Don’t just think of right now, try to see 5 to 10 years down the line and picture how your family will grow and their needs change.

Use existing space

The easiest & cheapest way to create a bigger kitchen space is by knocking through a partition wall between your kitchen and dining room. If you are doing it yourself do ask a structural engineer to check that the wall isn’t load bearing. If it is you’ll need to install steelwork to take the strain. Alternatively if you have an integral garage a garage conversion could make the ideal space for your kitchen.

Extend out

If you have the budget and space available to extend this can be perfect option for you to create your ultimate kitchen. With some planning and design you can decide exactly what goes where, from your cupboards and islands to the position of your sockets & lighting.

Adding on

Popular for Victorian terraced properties is a glazed or sky lit roof over the side on a narrow galley kitchen; this opens up the space and makes it work that much harder. A wider, lighter kitchen is far more attractive than a dark corridor

How much does a typical kitchen extension cost?

According to the Halifax and their Home Improvement Survey, the minimum cost of a kitchen extension you should allow for between £1,200-£1,800 per m² of floor space. If you’re converting a garage or conjoining existing rooms that drops to around £900-£1,1200 per m² of floor space.

A well executed kitchen extension can increase the value of your home by as much as 11% so if you’ve got space and the money you’ve nothing to lose..

Will I need planning or a kitchen extension?

Often planning permission won’t be necessary for small extensions. If you’re knocking through from kitchen to the dining room or creating a garage conversion you won’t need it either in most cases. Do however bear in mind that building regulations will apply

In general you won’t need planning permission for your kitchen extension if:-

  • It is not more than 50% of the size of the original property in the case of side extensions
  • It is not be more than 4m in depth for detached houses and 3m in depth for semi-detached or terraced houses
  • It is not be higher than the existing roof
  • It is made of similar materials to the rest of your home

If you live in a listed building, conservation area or area of outstanding natural beauty, you will need to ask your local building authority for permission. Likewise if you’re planning a more ambitious kitchen extension you will need permission and full architects drawings of the layout and elevations. Planning applications cost around £150 in England and take around eight weeks to process.

Some further considerations

Moving existing water, gas and electrical points will add to the cost and complexity of the project. You will need a Gas Safe Registered Installer if you’re installing a gas boiler or gas cooker and all electrical work requires a compliance certificate under Part P of Building Regulations.

You should also give consideration to drainage plans. Outlet pipes for sinks, washing machines and dishwashers need direct access to external drainage and so for practical and cost reasons these may dictate the layout of your proposed kitchen extension. If you start moving pipes you need to check that all work complies with Building Regulations.

Lighting and especially natural lighting can really enhance a kitchen. Give some thought to how the natural light changes at different times of day as this will guide you as to where you need extra artificial lighting. Light and airy conservatory style kitchens are attractive but can get hot in summer, get cold in winter and suffer from damp and condensation.

Consulting professionals, whether it is an architect or your friendly local builder early in the process can help guide you through the process and inspire you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

If you want to discuss a possible kitchen extension project on your home give us a call to book a FREE consultation with us.